19 October, 2013

The Angers centrists in a centrifugal movement

B. Dupré
The choice made up a week ago by the members of the Angers section of the Mouvement des démocrates (Modem) in favour of an alliance with the conservative candidate to the mayor office of that city, Christophe Béchu (Union pour la majorité présidentielle -Ump), has been put into question by the national decision-makers of the... Modem. On October 18th, the general secretary of the Modem, Damien Fesneau, reminded that such a decision did not depend on the Angers level, but on the national level of the Mouvement. So the alliance announced by Bernard Dupré, Modem delegate in Angers would not be yet concluded.

The explanation of that situation could not only have its origin in the statutes of the Modem. The current talks Union des démocrates et indépendants (Udi) for an alliance doesnt match the Angers tense climate between the local sections of those two parties. There is no alliance in perspective between them. Laurent Gérault, the new Angers delegate for the Udi, former member of the minority side of the Angers city council, was excluded in 2012 from that group by his fellow town councillors of the Modem. And the Udi members do not foresee, until now, an alliance with the Ump Christophe Béchu.
between that political mouvement and the

L. Gérault
It is obvious that the choice of the Angers Modem does not match the national strategy of that mouvement which choose to ally itself with the Udi in the perspective of the municipal, then the european elections. And even in Maine-et-Loire the Modem supporters do not follow the same line : while in Angers they choose to join the Ump, in Cholet, they decided to compete with the Parti socialiste. The Centrists are, currently, rather centrifugal.

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