02 October, 2013

A young Angevin researcher hit by the Us budgetary shutdown

As a researcher in sciences in an American laboratory near Boston, a young Angevin is experiencing the consequences of the shutdown of the public administration. Yves works in that place for a year and planned, conscientiously, to go to his office and to continue his experiences. But he had to abandon that idea and stay home.

The Christian Science Center (Wikipedia)
To work in a public building closed consecuently to a disagreement about the federal budget between the American House of representatives (where Republicans are majoritarian) and the Senate (where Democrats are dominant) is strictly forbidden. But the shutdown is complicating his research because the materials he uses may be damaged for a lack of monitoring.

Yves, who is not an American citizen, would be guilty of a serious offense to the Us legislation by working in spite of the prohibition and - in that case - could be immediately expelled towards France. Philosophical, he nevertheless accepted that compulsory unemployment and now plans to stay at home alone because the school of his kids, financed by a federate state and not the federal state, is running.  "This is absolutely crazy", says Yves.

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