16 October, 2013

Angers economy doesn't foresee recovery signs

Even if the municipal campaign will not be the appropriate level to deal with the economic worries of Angers inhabitants, the fears of those regarding growth and above all employment in the area will surely be present in the platforms and the votes. The latest figures published by La maison de l'emploi confirm a new deterioration of the economic situation in Angers region. The unemployment rate was over 10% at the end of the first three months of 2013 versus 9.3% one year before and 8.9% two years ago.

Few by few, Angers comes close to the national
unemployment average. According to the statistics of the authority, the main origin of the deterioration comes from the economic layoff. Regarding the evolution of the Angers economy, the observers notice a decrease in company creations during the last 12 months. The consumption is at best stable between August 2012 and August 2013 while the volume of credits makes a slight progress.

Analysed through economic sectors, the industrial activity is stable altough with a better trend for the exports. The professionals predicted an improvement after the end of summer holidays. It is also the case in trade where its is forecasted that sales could increase in 2013. In the building sector, a slight increase of turnover is also expected. At the Angers commercial court, the activity faces more companies having difficulties and the president of that jurisdiction "doesn't seen a sign which could stimulate managers to invest and hire people in the months to come".

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