07 October, 2013

Political result of the economical situation and divisions inside Angers left lead government to support the mayor

The hypothesis for the Front National, a rightist party, to do a breakthrough at the 2014 municipal elections in Angers has recently been fed by the important score that political movement registered in an local election in the South of France. The economical situation of France may lead, once again, some French to vote more "against" than "for" somebody. That eventuality doesn't please the others candidates, from left, like Frédéric Béatse or Jean-Luc Rotureau, of from centre and right, like Laurent Gérault or Christophe Béchu and didn't escape to members of the government.

Pierre Moscovici, finance minister
During the last legislative polls of 2012, the Front national got in Angers 9% of the votes and his Maine-et-Loire delegate, Gaétan Dirand, hopes to go above the 10% in 2014 and have finally representative(s) at the Angers city council. It is clear that part of the political answer is in the economical evolution of the country from now until next year. The French ministry of finances, Pierre Moscovici, who was in Angers on October 7th, probably knows it what involves him to repeat France will renew with growth next year.

The eventual strenghening of the Front national, but above all the official divisions inside the Angers left, may worry the Socialist party and the government. After the prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who was in Anfgers a few days ago, it was Mr. Moscovici's turn to support the current mayor, Fédéric Béatse. "Socialists are in love with debate", he said, pointing out that in Angers "Nothing is irreversible and [finally], reason, what means gathering, will prevail".

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