06 October, 2013

The Angers band Pony Pony Run Run on France 4

Pony Pony Run Run, the popular power pop band formed in Angers in 2003 will be on France 4 Saturday October 12th between 1.50 am and 2.45 am. The program is dedicated to the second album the band burnt in 2012, this one being titled Pony Pony Run Run. The first was published in 2009 and was sold more than 40 000 copies. That opus contained Hey You which was used as an jingle by Canal+ and viewed more than 700 000 times on Daily Motion.

The musical universe of the band goes from pop melodies to the rock of the 80's including the electo and eurodance. It got an award to the Victoires de la musique in 2010. The originality of Pony Pony run Run is to sing in English. The band says  in musical culture is quite exclusively English-speaking what led the daily The Guardian to dedicate a coverage about it writing " This Gallic ectro trio connfirm what we suspected - that often the French do British synth-pop even better than us".

The band is constitued by two brothers native from Angers, Gaëtan and Amaël Lê Ky-Huong, one singer/guitarist and the other bassist guitarist. The third is Antonin Pierre (Nantes), clavier. The Facebook page of the band announced a new Ep "Unrealesed" is avaiblable on iTunes.

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