27 October, 2013

The Angers communists worried about the propects of municipal elections

The Angers supporters of the communist party look worried about the prospects of the municipal elections for the left in the city. After a gathering of its members, a majority of them, 31 out of 48, choose to deal an alliance with the socialist party. "We can't take the risk to see Christophe Béchu (the conservative candidate, member of the Union pour la majorité présidentielle) to get the Angers town hall", said Alain Pagano, leader of the communist supporters in Angers.

That internal vote should be followed and confirmed by an official one due to take place soon in favor of a common route with Frédéric Béatse, the socialist candidate to Angers mayor office and current Angers mayor. But the communist party does not represent all left forces. The local members of theleft party, led at the national level by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a fierce opponent to the current socialist government, would not agreee such an alliance with socialists at a local level.

An inventory of the agreements on the left side allows to notice that, presently, the socialist candidate has got the partnership of Europe Ecologie Les Verts and would get the help of the communist party. Other alliances with different movement are possible, but until now, not sure : the left party, some ecologists, the far left and, eventually, Jean-Luc Rotureau's supporters. On the right, Mr. Béchu has got the support of the Modem (centre) but which has to be confirmed by the national decision-makers of that movement. And the local supporters of a,other centrist party, the Udi, have set conditions to an agreement with Christophe Béchu while an agreement with the Angers Front national members has never been mentioned.

But the political party are not owners of their voters. Those, in spite of instructions, may decide in accordance with a logic of revenge and not of project. So nothing can be taken for granted. And national circumstances could moreover have a great influence.

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