08 October, 2013

The successive closures of downtown cinemas : a talking movie

If the closure of the Gaumont Variétés on October 20th is a negative turning point for the attractiveness of the Foch boulevard, the main way of Angers, the problem is the decision of the company is already the consequence of a loss in the number of passings. The figures published by Gaumont are explicits. In the last five years, the crow recorded by the cinemas has decreased by 35%. Moreover, the opening of the Gaumont Multiplexe has downgraded the Variétés.

But the closure will also have consequen-cies for the surrounding pubs and fast food restau-rants who may fear a loss of customers already weakened by the disappearance of another cinema, the Ariel in 1995. The new tramway has not been able to keep to the Foch boulevard the hustle and bustle Angers inhabitants love all year long. But it is not sure that event is the "end of the story". It is not impossible that the Foch boulevard will be the "theatre" of a new mission, less commercial and more residential.

It has been widely said that downtown residents were fed up the nocturnal disturbances. So instead of opposing itself to a normal evolution, which already saw numerous closing of cinemas : the Ariel, the Club, the Pelican and the Palace (the Les 400 Coups will be the only theatre in the centre), Angers city should attempt to accentuate such a trend through new buildings devised for hosting families that it is said the town, and especially downtown, desperately needs.

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