04 October, 2013

Students are back in the streets, by night.

The Angers students are once again at the front pages of the news. Most of the time, they gathered until now on the left bank of the Maine : the surroundings of the Ralliement square and Bressigny street. They have now been spottted on the right bank, and particularly in the La Doutre district : Beaurepaire street as well as Carmes and Ligny embankments. If the situation makes angry the residents, it also worries the Angers mayor Frédéric Béatse.

After he signed a few days ago an agreement with the students'
associations involving their members to have fun without going too far, Mr Béatse pointed out that such a charter "would not solve all the problems". The Angers mayor mentions that "some worrying slipping are increasing" and that "some students evenings are sometimes excesses which make difficult the cohabitation between residents and visitors in down town" through " damagings, nocturnal uproar, drunkenness, incivilities"...

The issue could become an election topic for these districts' inhabitants who may ask measures from candidates to get nocturnal peace and safety.

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