23 March, 2012

The winner of the Maine banks reconquest project will be chosen on April 2nd

Credit Angers city
The time for the choice is coming. On April 2nd, Angers will elect the new face the banks of the Maine river will have few by few along the next 15 or 20 years... but for at least a century. If there is always matters of criticism against the choice about to be made, it would be unfair to criticize town hall about the method of the choice : the reflection took two years and had widely associated Angers inhabitants. 

An that way will continue till the end : a public return of the public consultation will be hosted by Le Quai theatre before the final et formal decision which falls to the city council. The method is also wise. If it would be risky to town hall to diverge from the public choice, in following that one, the Angers representatives reduce their exposure to criticism and take a popular asset for the next municipal polls to come in 2014.

The Grether project could be the winner of the competition. It was the most qualified, according to the Angers Loire Métropole Development Council, to reunify the city around its river and to achieve a mutual promotion of the river by the city as the city by the river.

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