29 March, 2012

Maine banks project, Angers decision-makers choosed the "Greater"

The vote of the Angers municipal council for the team or architects entrusted to monitor the new development of the Maine river banks should confirm the choice already made - secretly on March 22nd - by a "grand jury" constitued by nine representatives, eight technicians and three experts. And their choice is the Grether team.

The decision will be submitted for a formal approval by inhabitants on April 2nd at the Le Quai theatre and immediately after by the town hall council itself, unless a a dramatic turn of events. If the content of the project was evidently the first reason of an approbation, the possibility to implement it gradually (on 20 or 30 years) has also been considered. But did Angers city have another choice?

A letter, recently published by Frédéric Beatse, the mayor, with the 2012 budget document sent to all Angers decision-makers, points out the "crisis context and a total uncertainty for territorial authorities" about the message of concern regarding their finances. "

I appeal to a startle of the French state about the necessity to get from it a clear and lasting several years contract on national allocations", he wrote. But does the state have itself a clear view of its financial evolution? The staggering of the Maine banks development is a wise scenario, especially because the costs of the Grether project have not yet been published.

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