25 March, 2012

The Monplaisir market after the hour changed

Credit Wikipedia : the place of the market
Angers city has maybe a specific open-air market throughout Western France. This market, which takes place in the Monplaisir district every Sunday morning, is higly cosmopolitan and probably the most attended of the town. But, (was it because of the summer hour which changed the night before?) on the first Sunday following the Toulouse and Montauban events in which seven persons where murdered by a fanaticized (and probably crazy) young man claiming to be a representative of Islam, the Monplaisir market attracted mainly the immigrant inhabitants the district hosts.

As during other Sunday mornings, the terraces of the cafés around the Europe square gathered members of the Northern Africa community, the main foreign population of Monplaisir and maybe in Angers. Apparently, talkings and attitudes were not very different of what they look to be, previously to the events (The Jewish community of the city expressed its emotion after the drama during a collective meditation, with the prefet of Maine-et-Loire in front of city hall on Tuesday).

The market enables passers-by to get a glimpse on some people, men and women, who display, by their clothing (young women wearing black veils and gloves - not because of the cold - and very young girls also veiled) or their occupations (the collection of funds for a project of mosque in another town because "the State doesn't help us", he said) the importance religion has in their life and, according to those behaviours, should have in everybody's life.

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