22 March, 2012

Changes will come soon in the collection of wastes in Angers

The collection of wastes will change in Angers from April 2nd. These changes regard the collection of households wastes as well as the collection of plastic packagings. That evolution is due to the increase of the quantities of sorted wastes enlarged to plastics. Apparently, the rythm of the collections is not disminished as it was the case a few years ago. Nevertheless the changes are experimental : as 82 others towns, Angers will try new instructions. The aim of the test is to check the relevance of the extension to all plastic packaging of the sorting. Till now, only bottles were sorted. But, from January 1st, all plastic packagings followed the same way and that is the origin of the increase.

In order to inform Angers inhabitants about the new policy of sorting, townhall has opened a website with a video game. All the Angers streets have been classified with the days and the schedules of the collections of household wastes and recyclable waste. But all will depend on the civism of the users. Townhall assures it will not increase the costs of the collection, and so the taxes paid by inhabitants to finance the service. The most disturbing will be, temporarily, the end of a unique day (Wednesday) for the collection of recyclabes wastes. That day will be different according to the districts.

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