27 March, 2012

The mayor expands the budget responsabilities and reduces the political risks

The fact was almost unnoticed in Angers medias on March 27th but it may have some importance about the climate the new mayor of Angers, Frédéric Beatse, wishes to create and about the difficult economic times the city may face in the years to come. Mr Beatse ste up on Monday a new commission in charge of the budget. If he will preside it, his deputy-president will be a member of the opposition group, Daniel Dimicoli.

Such an approach looks to the nomination, by the président of the French republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, of members of his opposition to the Finances commission of the National Assembly and at the Cour des comptes. Recently, the new left majority at the Senate, had nominated a member of the right minority to the head of an important commission. So, from both sides, and at different levels, attempts are visible to set-up a shared process about the handling of public matters.

And the financial field could be an opportunity to start because the majority side at town hall doesn't wish to collect all the critics from the inhabitants for a management of the city made much more complicated because of the scarcity of fiscal resources. The strictness is ahead. Political unity could be helpful to make swallowed.

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