14 March, 2012

Austin : twinning is on Angers roadbook

According to senior officials of Angers town hall, the relationships with Austin, the capital of Texas, will strengthen in the years to come. Maybe more quickly. While an Angers delegation is taking part to the giant music festival South by Southern, a giant event dedicated to the professionnal of music which is hosted by Austin, new ideas are emerging on the Angers side to make good use of that partnership. Angers has probably more to get from Austin than Austin from Angers. 

The cities have not the same size. Austin has around 800 000 inhabitants (Angers city about 150 000). Austin is considered to be a major center for high tech because of numerous universities and multinational companies.Austin is also emerging as a hub for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In addition to national and global corporations, Austin features a strong network of independent, unique, locally-owned firms and organizations. 

As Austin's official slogan is The Live Music Capital of the World, the city has a vibrant live music scene with more music venues per capita than any other U.S. city. And, like Angers with its Festival 1ers plans, Austin hosts the annual Austin film festival. In order to seize opportunities in different fields, Angers city has already sent permanent representatives on the scene. The next step for Angers would to twin with Austin.  (Datas and pictures from wikipedia)

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