26 March, 2012

Lionel waited as the Messiah : the Angers Sco got a scoop

After the club was on the headlines of the local newspapers several months ago because of the financial misconduct of his former president, the Angers Sco is (briefly?) on the frontpages of the French press and on the web on March the 26th because of a new recruit : Lionel Messi! 

The medias surfered, only for a while, on that magical name : 20 minutes, Le Nouvel Observateur ("Angers recruits Lionel Messi"), Le Parisien ("Lionel Messi, at Angers in the 2nd League") and even Le Figaro ("Lionel Messie towards Angers") created the illusion. The Lionel Messi waited by the Angers soccer club would be native from Cameroon what doesn't not prejudge of his quality (he plays presently near Toulouse). 

That country of Western Africa (where French and English are both official languages) gave birth to famous and popular soccer players like Roger Milla (in French) alias Roger Miller (in English). The comparison with the Argentinian triple golden ball must be quite difficult but Lionel Messi, the  young (16 or 17 years old), must be used to the comparison. If Lionel is not yet hired by the Sco, it could be good for the club to get him in next year. What a showing! What a goal!

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