03 March, 2012

The circumstances of accidents of Angers pedestrians are not not always clear

A few lines on a news item may sometimes cover a more general issue. The Angers daily medias reported in their edition of Saturday an accident occured on Pasteur avenue at about five am : a man has been knocked down by a car. Badly injured to one of his legs the vicitim has been taken to the hospital. No more details were given by the two medias, Ouest-France and Le Courrier de l'Ouest which reported the fact with the same words.

That news illustrates a danger, not specific to Angers, the pedestrians are not aware. They are not visible in nights on the contrary of what they believe. The risks are of course at their max when the pedestrian crosses the street. And in Pasteur avenue, as in many other streets of Angers, the pedestrian crossings are not always located under the streetlights.

What is the choice for the passers-by : to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing, but in the dark or to cross under a streetlight but in a zone where he doesn't have the right of way. Town hall could think to that "detail" in the choice of the sites of the future pedestrian crossings.

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