28 March, 2012

An Angers exhibition on capitalism and religion causes emotion

The Angers Artothèque displays presently an exhibition which causes a stir among some denomi-national communities of the city. The exhibition, entitled in French "Ravissements",  is a pun because in that language the word "Ravissements" means both rapture and abduction. 

The initiative stages works of Tarrop & Glabel, a group of artists who aims to challenge the most widespread social values in today's world as capitalism and religion, both "omnipotent since the end of the ideologies". And that's where the shoe pinches... The Angers medias reported that some inhabitants having religious opinions thought themselves offended and a philosophical question was raised : does art need to be provoking and shoking to trigger a dialog? A candidate to the next legislative polls castigated the exhibition saying it was "blasphemous".

That fact indicates that even in a medium midwestern town like Angers, religion is spreading more and more in the public space (as after tragic events in Southern France demonstrated it nation wide). That may raises questions for people who believe that religions must be tolerant and partners of the society.

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