08 March, 2012

The Atoll complex could enlarge its offer, more than planned by Angers

Atoll, the commercial complex located at the North of Angers which is due to open on April 4th, could face some troubles to rent all its commercial surfaces. In that conditions, the arrival of a superstore food chain could have been welcomed by the Company of Phalsbourg, which manages the project, but less favourably by Angers Loire Métropole (Alm).  At the beginning of the scheme, a food store was not planned. The Phalsbourg team would have insisted and the Alm authority would have finally "gave up".

"We didn' gave up", said Daniel Loiseau, in charge of economy at Alm. "Today, we plan a store of about 500 to 700 m2. A superstore is out of question". Another disagreement between the Company of Phalsbourg and the Angers Loire Métropole authority occured regarding the arrival of a culture store. The brand Le Furet du Nord, a chain of giant bookstores could come. Apparently, Alm didn't know it. Will the property developpers, who wanted to create a cinema in Atoll, reach their goal. Ont that point the refusal of Alm is adamant.

These conflicts are worrying Europe Ecologie Les Verts (Eelv) d'Angers who predict that Atoll wil be a second down town which will compete with the core of the city. A few months ago, another conflict had erupted regarding the opening of stores on Sundays. It could come back if the Atoll needs it to take off.

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