06 March, 2012

Angers want to get rid of the weeds without pesticides but inhabitants continue to dirty the streets

The city of Angers want to turn to the no phytosanitary products in the treatment of streets and gardens through an event called "Spring without pesticide. In order to awaken the public interest to that behaviour, visits, workshops, talks and organized activities are planned during march and april all over the town. Original discoveries have to be made : a visit of beehive, insects huts, display of ecological weeding method, a walk throughout the urban botanic species, a biological garden. The aim of that serie of event is to lead the people to have a new sight about the weeds and to sitmulate gardenin without chemical products.

Such an initiative is interesting and commendable. But it would be more appropriate to awake people about basic respect of the urban environment. How many Angers inhabitants throw their gums, cigarette buts and wraping paper on the streets, on the pavements and even on the lawns and beds of flowers maintained by the town employees who will teach the basic behaviour for persons already interested by environment issues. 

Symbolically, Angers displayed posters with plants in asphalt to tease the public. Before improving green places in town, it would be useful to teach inhabitants not to dirty them§

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