30 March, 2012

Angers stance against the Sunday openings "takes a toll"

As it was predicted a few weeks ago, in order to take off in good conditions, Atoll will open as soon as the first Sunday of its existence. Even if that Sunday is Easter day. The giant commercial park is not yet opened and there is already a debate which caracterizes perfectly the analysis of the weekly English magazine The Economist which has just titled about France in its latest issue "France's future : a country in denial". 

Credit pictures Angers Loire Métropole
On one side, Angers Loire Métropole, the territorial authority in charge of the economic development of Angers and surroundings, expresses its pride through an article "Atoll inaugurates a new generation of commercial park" adding "this complex asserts itself as the window of a territory anchored in modernity". but on the other side, at the same time, an Angers trade union expressed, the same day, an unfavourable recommendation about the opening of Atoll on Sunday 8, which is in the middle of a three days weekend.

How will react Angers Loire Métropole this time?A few months ago, the authority published a negative stance about the opening on Sundays mornings of the food department of an Angers superstore, launching an appeal to French hypermakets to respect Sundays as a specificity of French culture and the danger of opening the superstores on that day because of the  balance with retail trade...

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