12 March, 2012

The introduction of iPad in Angers schools will confront pupils to tools and toys

The Angers city wants its schoolchilren up to date in computing. Before the end of April, quite all the the CE2 classes in Angers elementary public schools will have access to the must of the computers : the iPad.After a first delivery of the Ipad last December, the city website annouced that a second wave is about to come. Before the end of schoolyear, 1 000 iPad will have been delivered. The town hall plans to dedicate 350 000 € per year. According to Luc Belot, deputy mayor in charge of education, "this is the most important project of deployment in classes of that new educational tool".

Credit Angers city
A practical aspect has triggered the investment : the computer classrooms are has been, under used. So the city decide to send computing in the classrooms. The teachers look impressed by the easiness of their pupils to use the iPad. Those "bring something more to the traditionnal teaching but do not replace it", says one of the teacher.

If the first results of the experience are positive, Mr Belot insists on the necessity to study the introduction with care. One of the possible consequences is to make the youngs addict to laptops and to reduce their analytic ability. If these tools are got into the school, its for learnig and no playing. But they are also, incredible toys. From the tools to the toys, there is only a click... 

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