15 March, 2012

Angers Loire Valley wants to catch the attention of newcomers

The Angers city wants to catch the attention of travellers as soon as they arrive. Clearly the modernity is the message, Angers is seeking to deliver. But this image doesn't come only from an ad visible on the square in front of the Saint-Laud railway station, but above from the billboard in which the ad is visible. Since a few weeks, a giant tv screen is set up in front of the main hall : it's impossible not to see it.

The city knows that it will not get twice the opportunity to make a first good impression. Colors of the new brand Angers Loire Valley, orange and grey, stand out of the pale blue of the sky. If travellers do not seem to pay attention to the ad, day after day, the message will be memorized because the place is of first order.

The images, especially those of students, display faces which clearly indicates the Angers ambition to attract skills and youth coming from foreign countries. But the effect of catch-word could be much more powerful if they were in English and with voices. The  change of scene would be complete and positive. To welcome foreign citizens arriving in Angers, English words written and spoken would sounds great!

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