04 March, 2012

Angers bus drivers complain about car drivers. Bikers could do the same

On the 1st of march, the drivers of the Angers bus company, Keolis, decided to demonstrate their bitterness regarding the difficulty they face to transport passengers when the lines dedicated to their buses are occupied by cars incorrectly parked. If their official protest is justifiable, they should not be the only one legitimate to criticize the drivers. The bikers could do so because, frequently, the Angers drivers are parked, even for a while, on the lanes dedicated to cycles and then, force the bikers to change their direction what endangers these. 

But apparently, Angers drivers don't care. On Pasteur avenue, cars are parked on the lane dedicated to bikes and, moreover, in the wrong way. These unappropriate way of parking the car are often linked to very trivial reasons : just because they don't want to cross the street to buy a burger!

 Many Angers car drivers don' care about bikers maybe because they never ride a bike themselves! At the traffic lights, it's often difficult to cycles to go on be cause drivers don't let room between their car and the pavement. That incivility is not the only one. Many drivers throw on the street their cigarettes buts even if all cars are equipped with ashtrays. They think Angers townn hall employees will clean up the place and if they don't nature will be polluted... So what?

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