20 March, 2012

Maine runners foreshadow the future face of the banks conversion

The banks of the Maine river in Angers are fare from being redeveloped but already attract a lot of runners eager to take benefit of the lenthening of day light with the arrival of springs. Often gathered by groups of three or four persons, these sportsmen or women talk (it's recommendable while they run) along the Maine banks. As many others Angers inhabitants, they will not be reluctant to a major change of the face of the place even if, during months, they will have to change their course.

These enthusiasts of jog will probably announce what will be, and will have to be, the Maine banks after their transformation : a place dedicated to sports and leisures, where people share hobbies. The runners express silently the purpose of the future banks : to be a new lung "transplanted" in Angers town. So nature will have to be the main attribute of the place : it will have to dominate the conception of the two banks of the river.

The river itself should be closer to the inhabitants and, in that way, to be more familiar. Presently strangled betwen an deafining and smoke-filled express way, the river will be more audible by the runners. The babbling of the Maine means the river also runs.

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