02 March, 2012

Slavery rythms at Ralliement square

After a merry-go-round set-up in the Ralliement square at end of 2011 finally broke camp, the Ralliement square has found again its silence and its coolness. The atmosphere, during those cold and dark winter evenings, would be depressing if a touch of cheerfulness, music and movements. The merry-do-round has gone, but the health-club is still there, at the first floor of a bourgeois building, close to the theatre.

In a former flat, young female Angers inhabitants are working their figures on rythm of a disco "music" which would perfectly suit to galley slaves "bang, bang, bang" under the shouted orders of a teacher : "move, up, down". For the pedestrians crossing the place, the show is not the trolley, the shops' frontsides or the terraces but the light, the energy, the noises coming from the windows of the health club. Some of them makse fun at that leisure, simulating postures of the voluntary slaves of the first floor. 

Their efforts must be intense. During that period of the year, still cold, the female members of the health club can just let the windows half opened. That is not sufficient to let the condensation to leave the room. The windonws of the first floor look like the fronside of a sexshop. If many passers-by seem indignant face to such a display, in fact, it's nothing on the sort.  "Please, raise the condensation curtain, we don't see anything!" 

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