16 March, 2012

Angers Loire Métropole : don't waste water!

"Angevins sac à vin" is a common saying about the Angers inhabitants. That could change because on March 22nd, Angers Loire Métropole (Alm) will open an open bar of... water in Ralliement square. The purpose is to challenge the taste of the passers-by, unanimously considered as connoisseurs about wine, regarding water. On that day, the World Day of Water, Alm will challenge its citizens about their ability to distinguish different kinds of water. More seriously, the territorial authority will try to convince the inhabitants to drink tap water instead of spring waters.

That event would be also a good opportunity to wake up inhabitants, and especially, the youngests, to use water with moderation (endless showers, cigarette buts thrown away on the pavements then washed away by rains which make the depollution of water much more complicated and costly) could be same of the uses to instil in Angevins' minds. Morevover, some of them are totally illogical because they throw out the plastic bottles anywhere once they have drink the most natural product of universe. The employees of the Angers cleanliness department must appreciate...  

In order to distinguish their city in the field of sustainable development, there is yet a lot of work to do. Water is finite and people have not done a great job of managing it in the past.

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