05 March, 2012

Another Angers singer, Titi Robin, selected by the French Music Victory

Credit Angers city
After Pony Pony Run Run, an Angers band who was recently praised for its second album, it's up to another Angers singer to be awarded. Titi Robin has competed in the last edition of the Music Victories, a French national competition which takes place every year, and if he didn't got the prize was nevertheless on the stage for his last album " The banks". 

Titi Robin, selected in the category "best album of world music", is inspired by gypsy, arabic and european cultures. He is born in Angers in 1957 and grew up in La Roseraie, an Angers district. Then he travelled over the world what lead him to build its own musical universe and records albums since 1980. He has given numerous concerts, in South Africa, the Middle East, and France. He has also been involved in extensive collaborations for reinterpretations of that Brittany's distinctive Celtic music.

Surrounded by foreign musicians, Titi Robin created a new musical family who respects the skills and emphasize them, write the Niïve company, which publishes his music. The English and French title of his last album "The river banks" is an allusion to the Mediterranean sea.

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