21 April, 2011

The Angers Sco can now transform a defeat in semi-final French soccer cup to an opportunity to qualify to an upper level

News analysis. - The road of Angers Sco toward the final of the French soccer cup ended face to Paris on wednesday 20th April. For a very long time, the local club never achieved such a level in one of the two main soccer competitions in France. The exploit is even more important because of the internal difficulties of the chairman of the Sco, Willy Bernard, accused of misusing the money of the club for purposes linked to his own companies, and even for a personnal purpose.

Probably, many of the supporters of the club are disappointed. But the Angers Sco faced fierce opposition and sport contains always some part of chance. During the days  before the semi-final, local press of Angers noticed that the inhabitants didn't express a visible support to the players.

That is probably link to the traditionnal discretion and restraint which caracterize the behaviour of the Angers population (qualities which were pointed out when Angers Loire Métropole showed its new brand : Angers Loire Valley). But the most durable achievements are often built in silence. On the weeks to come, Angers Sco has a "window" to qualify at the upper level of French soccer. The fact the club will not have several irons in the fire could enhance its chances to achieve that goal. In that way, the departure, with distinctions, of the Frenche soccer cup, could be an opporunity fo a new adventure.

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