15 April, 2011

The hidden "Holy gold" of the "INCAbitants"

News analysis.- "The holy gold of the Incas" is not only a fascinating object of historical research, it is also, involuntarily, an appropriate issue of the Angers fair, due to open its doors to public on 23rd April. If the treasures of the Inca civilization attracted greedy Spanish conquistadors, the Angers inhabitants, and may be a lot of people in contemporary France, hold unconsciously "holy gold" under an unuasual materialization.

The saving of energy as well as natural - and exhaustible - resources is more and more present in many aspects of their daily life. For example, in urban and real-estate fields, progress is achieved in order to save energy and for maintaining the purchasing power. Regarding the household-waste sorting, what is at stake is the reemployment, the valorization of materials formerly unusable in order to heat buildings where people live and work. 
So, in that view, Angers inhabitants could detain, even if they aren't aware of that, a new form of gold. Their future could depend more and more on their ability to  recycle raw materials and so to live as well as before and less costly than formerly. It is not only, even if that is essential, a question of economic competitiveness, but also the self-preservation of their way of life.

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