26 April, 2011

Angers Loire Valley not endangered with English words

Credit AngersVille Actu
Was it a mistake or was it a meaningful change in the uses of Angers Ville Actu, an "Independant and Participative portal" dedicated to Angers local news? Recently, at the top of the welcome page, readers saw an ads about the British Red Cross, entirely written in English. Obviously, it was designed for English readers. Frequently, Englishs words are used in ads, texts of articles and, since a long time, on the front side of stores and companies.

Credit British Red Cross
But the presence of the British Red Cross banner in Angers Ville Actu is a little bit surprising, whike it is nice for English speaking people living in Angers. So the use of English seems to accelerate in the city which was favorable that Angers Loire Metropole becomes Angers Loire Valley. But that englicism led to others when Angers Loire Valley granted recently its aids to local companies : among them there was the Gohe Fashion Accessories, a Angers company...

Credit Angers Loire Métropole
So may be the territorial authority woukd be well inspired to amplify that natural and fashionable trend. It could promote the use of English one day per year. That could enhance atteaction for that language and create a distinct touch from all cities Angers must confront to attract resources and wealth in the province.

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