27 April, 2011

New Portuguese workforce is arriving in Angers for construction sites

Credit : Angers Loire Métropole
According to members of Portuguese families established in Angers, building companies working on real-estate projects at the North of the city would recruit, in Portugal, local workers in order to hire them in that city. Job ads would have beeen published or broadcasted in Portuguese medias, told these families who are in touch with these temporary workers to find homes for their fellow citizens. One of these families have been approached by the workers building companies hired in ordrer to work in France. Some of them have had to leave their native countries, one was manager of a manufactory of furnitures, because of the economic crisis there.

These facts seems to mean that the French companies do not meet the adequate workforce in France where the real-estate sector looks quite busy. Every pedestrian or driver can realize the presence of cranes in all the districts of the city and especially in the Saint-Aubin one where these persons were recruited.

But the number of construction sites in Angers could trigger, later, difficulties for future rents. That was pointed out by the chairman of the real-estate agents of Maine-et-Loire who recently expressed his fear regarding the future : "We have had too much constructions in a short time. That unbalanced the market. We have full of flats available for renting. About 3 000 are presently empty. That's too much".

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