25 April, 2011

New waves on Angers tv channels

Credit : Angers Ville Actu
After Angers 7, the local television channel, disappeared a year ago, Angers city didn't get tv on Hertzian channel. But two projects have emerged on interned. On october 2010, Angers TV show it's face on the web (but its programs are suspended because of the overhal of the web site. More recently, another attempt took place with Télé Angers.

Credit Wikipedia

Angers TV claims its intellectual affiliation to the participative information network : the website opens through a window called "The medias reporters" and covers in its more recent articles about the fiscal policy of Angers and the France semi-final soccer cup between the Sco and Psg. Compared to Hertzian tv channel, web tv would demands much less investments which were fatal to Angers 7.

Credit : Angers TV
That channel was liquidated in may 2010 after one of its main shareholders, the Sipa Group-Ouest France decided to withdraw while the city of Angers was unable to increase its participation to the capital. The new web Télé Angers would be a generalist channel with programs on policy, sports, culture and cooking.

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