04 April, 2011

At the new Grand café de France, past in today's menu

On the 4th april, a resurrection will take place in Angers city. The Grand café de France will re-open its doors. Located on the right side of the Main Theatre, it replaces, for many inhabitants of Angers, a former travel agency which closed a few months ago. In fact, that opening is a return to the past and the new Grand café de France did not forget its filiation.

If the fitting of the new Grand café is resolutely modern, may be a little bit cold because of its white walls, the atmosphere has a close link with the past. The left wall of ground floor is covered by a huge picture of the Grand café de France ancestor. The manager, Mr Gault, is in front of the entrance, with four head-waiters dressed in dark suits with white aprons. The front side of the building is the same. And the restaurant windows reflecting themselves the former buildings located at the other side of the Ralliement square work as a history mirror.

Little wink of an eye, throughout the eye of the camera, the former head-waiters of the Grand Café of 1928 mix themselves to the new furnitures of the Grand Café of the XXIst century and even dominate the atmosphere as if the past reappeared ahead the present. Sometimes, history serves again dishes...

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