09 April, 2011

A Favre d'Anne "Véri Fraich" fast food on Foch boulevard could be under way

An old building in works on Foch boulevard could host soon a new fast-food formula. The famous Favre d'Anne, a gastronomical restaurant of Angers city, plans to open there a second "Veri Fraich", a fast-food catering, which is yet present in Terra Botanica since april 2010. Pascal Favre d'Anne, trained by Marc Veyrat (a famous cooker specialized in molecular gastronomy), was awarded in 2008 as a young talent and with a star in the famous Michelin guide, will offer on Foch boulevard a quick but upmarket cooking.

If the "Veri Fraich" may have a double meaning. "Véri" can come from the English word "Very" or can summerize the French word "vérité". In fact, "Véri" could have these two significations. Because Pascal Favre d'Anne should intend to cook skillful and eccentric hamburgers thanks to fresh products "Made in Anjou". "Véri Fraich" is a brand which associates "an american concept to the French quality".
Credit Pictures Veri'Fraich and Terra Botanica

After the Ralliement square, the Foch boulevard will get, thanks to young businessmen, its second wind. Having hosted a financial company for a long time, the building was, since a few years falling into decay. An Irish named George Wash, in love with Angers city, planned to open in that building of 600 m2 with a 250 m2 inner terrace, a luxury hotel.

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