16 April, 2011

Angers students in theatre in the Moliere footsteps

Credit : Wikipedia

About 50 Angevins enrolled for theatre lectures at Les Arthurs company will go on sunday 17 april to Paris for a discovery of the universe of the stage and a return in Moliere footsteps over the capital. That little travel is an award for training with diligently from september till june in the tiny theatre where Les Arthurs play, in Cordelle street, down town Angers.

They will walk through the Paris where Moliere lived : the Saint-Eustache church where he was baptised to the Richelieu street, his last home. Throughout that walk, they will discover the lifetime of that man who is still the patron saint of the Comedie francaise.

Credit : La Comedie Francaise
Moreover, the students, some of them are young, others are adults, some of them are even retired and thees last are probably the most courageous to launch themselves in that training, will see a piece written by William Shakespeare, "The merry wives of Windsor" at the Comedie francaise.

The rendez-vous for the students in Angers city is at 5 am, at Moliere square...

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