02 April, 2011

The Lima mprovisational theatre enjoys great success at Le quai

Improvisational theatre looks wild type but it's in fact a real intellectual discipline. The Angers audience has a glimpse of that on 1st april at the Le Quai theatre where two companies, one from Mons (Belgium) and the other, the Lima (Ligue d'improvisation angevine), from Angers. The match had the seaworld as main theme and the two teams dealt, during 90 mn, more against the difficult issues the referee gave, than against each other, even if finally, the Atim won by 9 to 8.

The theatre hall was absolutely full and, on the 2nd april, if it was possible to buy tickets at the last moment, it will not be the case tonight, all have already been booked. That is even a problem. The show is not very audible from the backseats while one of the main interest of improvisational theatre relies on ready replies generated by the total involment of players in their parts (They must be exhausted at the end of the show) but that lowers the quality of scenes .
Credit pictures : Lima

The Lima, created in 1974, registers about 60 members and offers trainings every friday evening. The actors of the Lima, all amateurs, perform 20 shows every year in France but also abroad, in Belgium, Switzerland and Québec, where the improvisational theatre is born at the end of the 70's.

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