06 April, 2011

ESSCA Angers won a nomination in the Guiness world record

Fourteen students of Essac made their entrance in the Guiness world record because they stayed, during five seconds, in a little Fiat 500, top, doors and trunk shut. The attempt took place on saturday 2nd april on the Louvre museum esplanade in an operation aiming at the promotion of carpool, in the middle of the sustainable development week between the 1st and the 7th of april.

The initiative was imagined by Ikea, the Swedish multinational company who intents, itself, to promote the carpool for its customers. Because "Transport has major impacts on emission of greehouse gases, cause of climate change", Ikea notice that one ot the simplest solution is carpool. In fact, in its carbon audit, Ikea noticed 56% of its greenhouse gases emissions came from its customers movings. Presently, only 6% of customers of Ikea use carpool. The company aims 15% within four years.
Other schools of commerce competed to that party which needed softness and even an ability to endure contortions. No candidate below 1,52 meter could take part at the attempt. The Essca group wasn't tested on its ability to drive the Fiat 500 during the attemp...

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