24 April, 2011

A new departure from Fleur d'eau suggests changes could be on way in commercial structures all over Angers

Credit : wikipedia
The Nicolas Wines brand will soon leave the commercial center Fleur d'eau where it settled six years ago. One of the invoked reason to that transfer is the level of the rent of the space at Fleur d'eau. If the new destination of Nicolas is known, the name of the successor of Nicolas has not been unveiled, if a successor exists... A few weeks ago, it was said in local medias that another shop was considering its departure from Fleur d'eau...

Credit Atoll
The question set by these moves could concern the viability of that commercial structure which succeeded to the former commercial center Les Halles, closed in 2003. In fact the competition between commercial equipment will become harsher : the new Atoll will open at the beginning of next year at Beaucouzé and a redevelopment of the commercial center Grand Maine is scheduled for 2014.

Many wonder about the the ability of the purchasing power of inhabitants (present and future in Angers) to fuel sufficient turnover for the stores of all those equipments and the behaviour of storekeepers and customers to do shopping in down town. Difficulties at Fleur d'eau would damage the image of dynamism the city want to promote with its new brand Angers Loire Valley.

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