23 April, 2011

Angers town hall bans takeaway sales of alcohols in down town after 10 pm

Credit : The Guardian
Angers Town hall published about the 21st April a municipal decree forbiding the sale of alcohol in down town after 10 pm. But, the measure will not be implemented right now because town wants, first, to inform the public as well as the storekeepers who will receive a letter on that point. According to Jean-Pierre Chauvelon, deputy mayor in charge of public security, the sale of alcohols to take away will be banned in every place where a night activity exists.

Credit : Wikipedia
Such a policy has become unavoidable because of the troubles in down town. Some restaurants of inner city would complain about the loss of sales : some customers would not dare to come in down town at night because of the insecure conditions. For a long time, inhabitants of the center of Angers complains about their daily life : noise in street at night, vehicles damaged, problems enhanced by the difficult access to that part of the town for mothers with kids or elder persons.

According to owners of bars in Angers down town, the superstores are responsible of that. People, on every weekend, buys packs of beer and alcohols (they mix!). All over France, authorities try to deal with the binge drinking, a social trend which could spiral out of control. Some binge drinkings are sometimes organized by groups of Facebookers. One had been cancelled last year in Angers.

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