14 April, 2011

Households' wastes : Angers want the inhabitants "to try"

The 82nd edition of the Angers exhibition will start on saturday 23rd april on a double focus on the Inca civilization and the ecological behaviour the inhabitants should adopt. First of all, the exhibition will dedicate room to the ecological products. Eighty exhibitors will show to the public biological, local and sustainable products. And the Angers Loire Métropole authority will try to increase public awareness to the houshold-waste sorting. But more than 500 exhibitors will be available on a wide range of aspects of daily life.

Credit Angers city
Responsible for the treatment of households wastes of Angers inhabitants, the Alm authority brought into service at the beginning of the year the Biopole center, at Saint-Barthélémy, in order to give value to wastes. The process, called methanisation, transforms organic materials in compost and gas. But the efficient running of the Biopole depends on the quality of the Angers inhabitants' household-waste sorting. 

For that purpose, the stand of Angers Loire Métropole will evaluate the situation of the respect, by the inhabitants, of the instructions the public authority gave, thanks to quizz and "speed daTRIng" (a wordplay from "job dating") about the the fair sorting. The organizers themselves wanted the exhibition be ecologically respectful : its own wastes will be recycled.

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