13 April, 2011

Angers Loire Métropole will collect 10 millions € more in taxes. How much in savings?

News analysis. - "Why to increase the receipts?" will be at the center of the vote of the representatives of Angers Loire métropole for the 2012 budget on 17th april. The question, set at the end of a report dedicated to the budget of Angers Loire Métropole (and published on the website of Angers city), is in fact a justification about the increase of local taxes paid by households and companies. The (official) answer is : "in order to maintain a good level of investments and, in the same time, to limit the use of borrowing". 

But there is a contradiction in the arguments of the authority. In the same text, Angers Loire Métropole writes "As soon as 2012, it will be possible to lower the level of investment and to concentrate it on essential purposes for the future of the territory" and, a little bit further, points out the necessity of keeping "a good level of investments". Where is the truth?

The problem is in fact Angers Loire Métropole has planned to much expenses and its receipts, because of the crisis, are decreasing. So it is up to the inhabitants to foot the bill as well as the workers, because the money the local companies will pay to the public authority will not be distributed in wages... Instead of increasing the taxes, the resolution is to lower the expenses. But if the amount of new receipts is known - 10 millions € - the amount of the savings is not...

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