05 April, 2011

An unprecedented rise in Angers taxes is on tracks

Angers and Angers Loire Métropole inhabitants face unprecedented increase of taxes.This is the consequence of the simultaneity of the financial crisis and the high level of expenses Angers city, as well as Angers Loire Metropole, dedicated to the first street car line or the housing during the last years and in the years to come. According to rumors reported by Ouest-France, in Angers itself, the increase of taxes could soar till 4,5%. That has never occured in the city for the las 25 years! The town councillors could decide the measure next friday during an exceptionnal meeting.

Regarding Angers Loire Métropole, the authority which gathers about 30 towns surrounding Angers, the financial standing is not better : 25 millions euros are needed to balance the budget. And in that case, the solution will not only be the rise of present taxes but the creation of a new one. That should be decided next thursday. If Angers city is not heavily in debt, this could not be the case of Angers Loire Metropole : the rise of households taxes could rocket till 7% or even 8%.

But that will not be sufficient. The increase could go on in 2012, 2013 and after. Only one mayor apparently suggested that the crisis should lead to savings in expenses instead of increase in revenues...

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