19 April, 2011

Angers town hall bans a performance at the Mpt Monplaisir for possible trouble to public order

Angers town hall made unforceable a judgment of the Angers district court. Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor of Angers, signed a municipal decree on monday 18th april which makes impossible the show of the humorist Dieudonné at the Maison pour tous of Monplaisir.

A few weeks ago, that Mpt had signed with a private company, Phone Mobile, a contract booking the auditorium for the humorist Dieudonné. The Mpt tried to dispute the lawfullness of such a contract, arguing its co-signer didn't mentionned the guest. The court dismissed the argument, because the contract ot the Mpt didn't consider it was necessary for Phone Mobile to mention the guest of the performance.

According to Jean-claude Antonini, the performance of Dieudonné, sentenced on March 17th 2011 by the Paris court of appeal for anti-semitic insults, "may disrupt the public peace in a local context yet nervous" and said the case was "pathetic". If the Angers district court only thought on juridical aspects of the case, the mayor of Angers considered its pratical aspects and, in the press release, forbade the town councillors to express themselves on that issue. Jean-Claude Antonini doesn't want debates nor with Dieudonné, nor with the Angers court of appeal where a judgement regarding the Sco case is waited.

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