28 May, 2014

The symbol of an XIXth Angers company sold to a local XXIth century start-up

L'un des joyaux immobiliers du Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire, l'hôtel Bessonneau, a été vendu. Le nouveau propriétaire est une entreprise spécialisée dans la formation à distance des pharmaciens. L'immeuble situé boulevard Foch a été vendu à un prix bien supérieur à celui de la mise aux enchères : 1,86 million euros au lieu de 1,2 million. 

One of the most famous estates of the Maine-et-Loire general council has been sold. The Bessonneau mansion, located on Foch boulevard at Angers,  will be own by a local company whose business is the remote training of pharmacists. The estate has been sold for 1.86 million euros while the opening bid was much more lower : 1.2 million euros. The new owner of the mansion is Dmvp formation, an Angers company launched in 2007 and which is growing fast. The turnover has been doubled in 2013 at 4 millions euros. The company staff should reach 50 persons next year while 35 persons work there in 2014.

The Maine-et-Loire authority, which is involved in the erection of a new headquarter at the angle of the Foch
boulevard and the Saint-Aubin street, has decided to sell some of its properties in order to finance its project. And the Angers town hall, managed by the former president of the Maine-et-Loire general council, Christophe Béchu, should do the same in the months to come in order to get cash.

This building, erected in 1863, is considered as a jewel of the "Belle Epoque". Its architecture was influenced by parisian mansions. The front side, with an usual passage for the coach driver, refers to the Renaissance and the French XVIIth century. The interiors are splendid and raise the Bessonneau mansion as one of the most exceptional monuments of Angers. It was bought in 1883 by Julien Bessonneau, an Angers manufacturer in spinnings whose company disappeared in 1966, overwhelmed by the synthetic fibres. The company had employed until 10 000 persons in Angers. If Dmvp could do the same!

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