04 May, 2014

The complain of an Angers lawyer against Bob Dylan, dismissed

La plainte d'un avocat angevin contre Bob Dylan, classée. - La plainte déposée par un avocat angevin agissant pour le compte des Croates de France contre Bob Dylan ne vaudra pas à celui-ci de comparaître devant la justice française. L'artiste américain a en effet pu prouver que les propos qu'il avait tenus au magazine américain Rolling Stones, à propos des Croates, comparés par lui à des Nazis, avaient été reproduits par la version française de ce même titre sans son accord.

Prosecuted by an Angers lawyer (Angers Daily News Dec. 4 2013), the American singer, Bob Dylan, will not appear in front of a French court after the statements he made about the Croatia people in the Rolling Stones magazine.  Bob Dylan was, in the end of last year, the subject of a complain of Mr, Ivan Jurasinovic, after he said that the Croatian people were comparable to Nazis.

The case, entrusted to a Paris examining magistrate, was abandoned because Bob Dylan was able to prove that his interview, granted to the Us version of the Rolling Stones magazine, had been published by the French version of that same title without his consent. Bob Dylan had said to the French bimestrial : "If you have Ku Klux Klan in your blood, Black people may feel it, even today. As the Jews feel nazi blood and Serbs Croatian blood".

But the manager of the French edition will be sued in front of a Paris criminal court, specialized in medias offenses. Mr, Juranisovic has said that he was satisfied by that outcome. He acted on behalf the France Croatian community which includes more than 30,000 persons. Bob Dylan was distinguished by France in November 2013 which awarded him the Légion d'honneur.

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