02 May, 2014

The lord of the rings

Le seigneur des anneaux.- Angers a fait à nouveau parler d'elle à travers le monde grâce au numéro de jonglage réalisé par un jeune angevin, Thomas Chaslerie. Son numéro ne ressemble en rien aux habituelles prouesses de jonglage que l'on a vues jusqu'à présent. Même si celui de Thomas Chaslerie requiert une maîtrise et une dextérité extraordinaires, le résultat est d'abord esthétique. Il procure une sensation d'apaisement et de sérénité. Bravo !

An Angers inhabitant recently displayed on You Tube a totally new way of using rings many artists could draw their onw inspiration. Instead of juggle with them, Thomas Chaslerie, 27 years old, uses them as aesthetic means. The goal is not a display of skills but rather the creation of a beautiful and peaceful moment, even if, for that purpose, a huge dexterity is required. Thomas Chaslerie doesn't throw up its rings but keeps them at the end of his fingers and assembles then disassembles them in a series of symetrical figures.

A few weeks ago at the beginning of April, he sat down in the middle of the Balzac Park and, during two minutes and a half, arranged a true ballet with the rings. The most remarkable figure consists in maintaining without moving one of the two rings he has in each hand, as if it was hang up in the air while the other ring goes around the first. The effect is simplicity and beauty even if a very precise handling of the rings and synchronisation of the movements are the secrets of the act.

Thomas Chaslerie who recorded that one by himself alone in the park and later added to the movie the music of Amélie Poulain, posted its video on You Tube on April 6.under his pseudonym Lindzee with the title Amelymeloptical. As the dwarf of that movie did it, the Thomas' video circulates round the world wide web and, three weeks later passes the hurdle of 1.6 million views. A few weeks ago, another video We are happy from Angers made a hit.

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