03 May, 2014

The new formula of Angers fair succeeded

La nouvelle formule de la foire d'Angers plus ramassée en durée et en nombre de thèmes a répondu aux attentes du public et des professionnels, tous deux en nette hausse, en dépit d'une météo maussade. 

The new formula of the 2014 edition of the Angers fair was a success. More than 55,000 visitors were noticed versus 52,000 in 2013. The number of exhibitors was itself much more inportant : 400 vs. 350 for the previous edition.

The figures match with the hopes of the organizers who had shortened the time of the event and to focus it in a a few number of themes. In addition to the statistics of attendance and professionals, "a favourable business atmosphere and well done animations" have been reported. In spite of the weather, the outdoors animations, home and garden, caravanning were satisfied as the furnitures and bedding sectors thanks to the new provider, Alinéa from the new commercial park, Atoll. And the tourism and leisures sectors took benefit  of the opening of the new park of exhibition hall, Ardesia which hosted two times more exhibitors than last year.

The different animations, the reanactment of the Angers castle, the cuisine workshop and the Zumba evening have also stimulated the attendance. The 86th edition of the Angers fair is already planned on April 17th to 21st. The meaning of those observations as precursors of an economic recovery is another topic.

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