13 May, 2014

The English Language Library in Angers starts its third decade with optimism

La Bibliothèque anglophone d'Angers commence sa 3ème décennie avec optimisme.- La Bibliothèque anglophone d'Angers aborde avec optimisme sa troisième décennie d'existence. Tous les indicateurs, le nombre d'adhérents, le volume d'acquisitions et le résultat financier étaient positifs à la fin de 2013. La structure, unique dans l'Ouest, prévoit d'accueillir de façon permanente un auteur anglophone à partir de 2014 et d'avoir une vitrine plus visible rue Boisnet.

2013, which marked the 20th anniversary of the English Language Library in Angers (Ellia), was a "very positive" year, in spite of that event which required "an important investment" between September and the end of the year. In the last days of the previous year, the Ellia observed, for the first time, that the number of members exceeded the treshold of 2,000, an increase of around 10% versus 2012. In 2013, the Fench speaking members, many of them students, have developed by 37%, "a considerable increase" due to "partnerships with the others libraries of the Maine-et-Loire", notices Marie-France Roland, who followed John Cassini, at the presidency of the library.

Credit pictures : Ellia
The collection of the library has also increased last year with more than 27% of new documents. the animations of Ellia are successful and meet an enlarged public. The majority of the 300 events planned for adults and youngs took place outside of the library in 2013. With 2014, the English Language Library in Angers starts a new decade "with optimism" : the financial accounts are positive, in part "because of the reorganization of the work implemented in September with the staff and the volunteers". Among the projects of the library for 2014, there are the opening of a residence for an English speaking author and strenghtening the visibility of the Ellia. Proof of its partners'confidence, the lease agreement of its offices on Boisnet street has been renewed for ten years.

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