27 May, 2014

Saturday night summer

L'édition 2014 de la Fête de la musique aura lieu le 21 juin à partir de 18 h 00. Le public devrait pouvoir profiter à fond de la soirée qui prendra fin à 2 h 00 étant donné que le lendemain est un... dimanche. L'originalité de cette édition est la participation du conservatoire de musique d'Angers et la concentration des groupes place du Ralliement.

The 2014 edition of the Music Day, planned on June 21st should be intense. Because of its schedules, from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am, the event should rather be called the Music Night. If the weather is fine, the festival goers could listen to music until the end of those open air concerts, given the following day is...Sunday. Fifty rock bands will perform in down town streets and several danse gathering will also welcome some of the 20,000 people who every year walk around the performers. If, all musical styles have been once again invited, the 2014 Angers Music Day, for the first time, includes the Angers college of music which opens its doors to everyone.

Credit pictures : Angers college of music
On the morning, three special itineraries have been devised in order to allow youngs to discover music instruments and even to try some of them. On the afternoon, the Angers college music will, soloists, choirs or orchestras, will initiate visitors to different musical trends. The dansers, choirs and interpreters of contemporary music of the Angers college of music will also perform a public rehearsal of the next show "A night at the opera". The theatre section of the college will as for it introduce some of its young actors. The college will also display the piano Bösendorfer it recently got for its 118 piano pupils.

The Ralliement square will host numerous bands, as Angry Beards, Creamy birds, Burn School or Eagle Gift on two stages.And two local radios, Radio Campus and Radio G, will broadcast their concerts. Those two stages will be set up by UI3sons, a community gathering amateur artists and actors working in the Saint-Serge, Les Trois Mats and Lac de Maine disctrict houses. Some of the Angers dsictricts will also host animations of the Music Day.

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