10 May, 2014

The chef Pascal Favre d'Anne hates TripAdvisor

Le chef Pascal Favre d'Anne déteste TripAdvisor.- Le chef angevin Pascal Favre d'Anne a peu gouté le commentaire publié, à propos de son équipe, par le site américain TripAdvisor qui publie des avis de consommateurs sur tous types d'établissements touristiques. Mr. Favre d'Anne blâme le site de ne pas modérer les commentaires de ses internautes et de ne pas exiger d'eux la preuve de leur passage dans les établissements. 

The angevin chef, Pascal Favre d'Anne, is angry against TripAdvisor.com, an american travel website providing directory information and reviews of travel-related content. TripAdvisor has published on March 30th an anonymous comment about the eponym restaurant of Mr. Favre d'Anne. If the opinion of the customer is favourable about what he ate, it has been judged disagreeable to the staff of the Favre d'Anne and especially, for its first member, his wife Mathilde Favre d'Anne.

"We request the prohibition to judge, to write defamatory comment, subjective judgements about persons or every member of the staff of our restaurants", writes Pascal Favre d'Anne in his Facebook page where he lauches a petition "against the offensive opinions towards restaurateurs" in websites like TripAdvisor which "do not moderate the comments of their users and do not demand from them a proof of their venue in our restaurants". The appeal looks to have met an favourable welcome by Mr. Favre d'Anne's colleagues and customers.

Credit Pictures : https://www.facebook.com/pascal.favredanne
Founded in 2000, most of the contents of Trip-Advi-sor are provided by its users most of the content. The website has already been criticized for allowing unsubstantiated anonymous comments posted about hotels, or restaurants. Nervertheless 80% of the opinions recorded by TripAdvisor are positive and even laudatory for Mr. Favre d'Anne. Only one was (partially) negative and Mr. Favre d'Anne, who is about to close temporarily his Angers restaurant because of a cuisine dedicated tour in Asia in the months to come, makes a meal of that.

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